It’s our vision of a healthy you

Love, passion, care, and new life inspired Laili Rose. 

It started as a dream for one CEO, a woman and her gratefulness for her daughter. She wanted something pure and natural to moisturize her daughter’s freshly bathed and new skin. In her kitchen, she created a natural and chemical-free face oil. She would massage the concoction on her own skin in the morning and evenings, and noticed beautiful results. It is now the only moisturizer she spreads on her and her daughter’s skin. Fast forward two years, it’s an admired product across Canada. 

Skin and beauty need the same tenderness as any life does, and you do so with products that offer natural ingredients and authentic intentions. 

The vision is a healthier you and future.

Laili Rose products are PETA-certified vegan and cruelty free, and include no parabens or alcohol. Laili Rose ensures purity in their products.

We need more honesty and care in the world, the same a loving mother wanted for her daughter.